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3/19/2014 UConn English Period 5. "The Power of Language" John Giuffre, Robby Mitchell, Cole's a Salad, Faruk Cecunjanin.

We Are a LoafEdit

A loaf of bread is a unique thing. Each slice has its own unique bread experience, but all together you can get one heck of a sammich. Each of us will be a slice taking on our own view of the "Power of Language" prompt and also one specific piece. Then as one massive loaf we will discuss Hamlet. Then you will probably clap. 

We intend to show you how each piece conveys its own unique examples of the power of language. While most pieces contain multiple examples, each of us will focus on one aspect of each work, so as to cover more ground and to avoid sounding redundant or bore anybody to sleep. 

As a main thesis, we firmly believe that language itself is a wonderful and powerful thing - but they are not reality. Words are ways to express ideas, and just as how the Sun is neither just yellow nor just a sphere, most instances in life have multiple words that can fit. Language is a way of communicating with others - and not always honestly.

We hope you enjoy our presentation. We want you to enjoy our presentation. John has attention problems and really wants you all to. Bon apetit. 

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Burning of Rome

Taxi Driver, (Minus Robert DeNiro)

The Usual Suspects

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